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Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood Insert

Sackett’s Fireplace specializes in converting factory built open hearth and Masonry fireplace to a cleaner, more efficient, source of heat and warm ambiance. Wood inserts are more specific in accommodating particular size of opening’s and existing flue shape and size. They require a reline from the top of the new appliance to the top of the existing factory built open hearth and masonry fireplace. Wood inserts use different technologies that make them efficient in the way they burn wood.

Wood Fireplace

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, wood fireplaces are built-in with specifically designed chimney systems. Wood Fireplace offer features including air tight efficiency or american traditional open hearth. Specialist at Sackett’s can help you decide which option is best for your needs and lifestyle.  44 Elite Wood Fireplace has the largest firebox available in its class, large viewing area, Bypass Damper feature for easy startup fires and smoke-free reloading and can heat up to 3,000 square feet. It’s unique “Posi-Pressure” concept works by using fresh air drawn from outside the home for both combustion and heat transfer creating a positive heat distribution throughout the home. This appliance meets 2020 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency clean air standards.

Open Hearth

American Traditional Open Hearth with no door or door open while in use.
Beautiful Ambiance, Crackle & Pop, not a reliable source of heat or efficiency. Ideal for people who want weekend or holiday ambiance from there fireplace.

Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves can be added to the home to improve zone heating and fireplace like ambiance. Efficient, Provide primary or secondary heat source, models vary in sizes, designs, features and technologies. Stove efficiency benefit’s: reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance benefit users in a practical way. Improved fire viewing benefits them aesthetically. Everyone benefits from improved air quality.


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