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Everything we do, we do the right way. Don’t settle for mediocre services in installation and repair when you can get high quality and expert work at an honest price. If you aren’t a do it yourself kind of person, don’t worry. We will take the stress of home heating off of your shoulders.



We offer full installation for all of our products, so you can relax… hopefully in front of your new fireplace or mantel. After shopping around, after going through all the styles and designs of fireplaces and stoves, after dealing with the disappointment and inefficiency of your electric furnace don’t let the installation process get you down. We are here for you!



Sometimes things just go wrong. A part of your fireplace might degrade over time and need replacing or repairing. A piece of your mantel might crack or your chimney might get struck by lightning and need new stones or bricks. If you have any repairs you need done, give us a call today and we will get your fireplace or stove back in working order.


Chimney Cleaning

A dirty chimney, covered in creosote is a danger to you and your family’s health. Creosote is a residue left behind in your chimney after continued use of your wood burning fireplace. Creosote buildup is normal, but it must be removed periodically in order to be safe. That’s why we offer chimney cleaning services. To clean your own chimney would be a huge stress that you don’t have to take upon yourself. Let our qualified and expert technicians do the hard, dirty, exhausting work for you and rest easy knowing that your family is safe.