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Gas Burning Fireplaces

Gas Insert

Gas Insert’s can convert a Masonry Fireplace or Factory- Built tested and approved fireplace, into a cleaner, more efficient, zoned heat source with attractive ambiance. Gas inserts use pre-existing factory-built or masonry fireplace to shell the appliance and new chimney system. Gas Insert’s use a direct vent chimney system using outside combustion air and separate exhaust releasing flue gas’s back outside. They are available in many styles, shapes and sizes to accommodate small, medium and large existing openings.



Freestanding Gas Stove’s can be easily added to the home to improve zone heating and fireplace like ambiance. This option could accommodate certain needs and style to a consumer’s way of life. Gas Stove are compatible with natural gas and propane fuel types. The most popular type of Gas Freestanding stove uses the Direct Vent Chimney System. There are also B-Vent and Vent free options.

Naturally Drafted

Naturally drafted, vented decorative gas log set’s must be installed in a working masonry or factory-built solid fuel fireplace with adequate draft. The damper may be fully opened or removed depending on local jurisdictions. They provide beautiful ambiance with a Traditional Open Hearth feel without the efficiency.

Unvented or vent free gas log set’s work by drawing all combustion air from the home and return all the combustion products back into the home. This type of appliance must be equipped with an oxygen depletion system (ODS).  The ODS system works with the gas safety shut off valve to detect low levels of oxygen and prevent hazardous amount of carbon monoxide. Vent free log’s require proper planning before installation to insure code compliance into a masonry fireplace or factory built tested, listed and approved for unvented log use.


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