Outdoor Fireplace

Unlike a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace is installed into a patio and has the same or similar construction to an indoor wood burning fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are a great choice for cool fall nights, or for summer nights after a barbeque.

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Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are the most efficient type of fireplace, as they don’t require a chimney. Their design allows for more heat to enter the room. Gas fireplaces can be made to look like a wood burning fireplace while creating more heat.

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Wood Stove

Because using dry wood does not create harmful emissions, a wood stove is considered a green option in home heating. Wood stoves can burn either wood or wood pellets to heat your home and can also be used for cooking.

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"Keeping friends warm and making warm friends..."

Escape the cold chill of winter every day in the comfort of your own home. Experience your senses warming as you sit by the fireplace with the ones you love. Rest easy knowing that because you’ve chosen Sackett’s, that you’ve chosen the most energy efficient way to heat your home and reduce your energy expenses. A Sackett’s fireplace adds an unrivaled level of ambiance and energy savings to any home. It’s time to equip your home with a high quality, affordable fireplace from Sackett’s. Visit our showroom for a demonstration of the latest in wood burning and gas fireplaces.

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