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Masonry Heater


The masonry heater has existed in many forms over a long history of use. They are often wood burning and radiate heat throughout an interior space. Some can be fueled with gas depending on your preferences and its accessibility. Modern masonry heaters have a glass door to allow you to view the fire and are covered in a heat resistant plaster. These types of masonry heaters are more efficient than older models. The benefits of using a modern masonry heater include:

  • Provide the ambience of a wood fireplace
  • Have great efficiency in wood burning
  • Minimal smoke emissions
  • Do not allow smoke to enter the house
  • Offer independence from electric or gas companies
  • Can be used when the power is out to heat your home
  • Can be used to cook food

Installation and Maintenance

The great thing about coming to Sackett’s Fireplace is that we can install your masonry heater for you to guarantee the most efficient and safest product. If you aren’t able to install it yourself we offer a stress free installation process for you to get you on your way to a highly efficient and beautiful masonry heater. Along with installation we offer repairs and maintenance to keep your heater functioning for years to come.