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Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are the most efficient type of fireplace, as they don’t require a chimney. Their design allows for more heat to enter the room. Gas fireplaces can be made to mimic the look of a wood burning fireplace while creating more heat.  Sackett’s Fireplace also has the gas logs you will need to assist you in creating the perfect fireside flames.  The gas fireplaces we offer include:

  • Gas Fireplace – The FPX Bed & Breakfast is a portrait-style fireplace that is designed for intimate spaces like bedrooms, baths and kitchens.
  • Gas Fireplace – The FPX 564 Space Saver is ideal for zone heating in bedrooms, dens and intimate spaces.
  • Gas Fireplace – The FPX 864 HO GSR2 is the ultimate in high-performance fireplaces because it combines dynamite flame appearance and produces great heat.
  • Gas Fireplace – The Kozy Heat Bay Port 41 has an impressive viewing area with more realistic logs and burner system.
  • Gas Fireplace – The Kozy Heat Carlton 39
  • Non Heating Custom Gas Fireplace – Da Vinci (for Architects, Designers, etc.)

Installation and Maintenance

Here at Sackett’s Fireplace, we provide full installation and repairs. Our goal is to give you a high quality gas fireplace at an honest price. You can be sure that you will be getting the best in heating, ambience and safety.