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Fireplace Inserts


Fireplace inserts are a low cost, high efficiency alternative to old fireplaces. They are installed in the existing fireplace and are made out of cast iron or steel. They use a glass door so the fire can be viewed and create a more efficient heat throughout the room. We offer gas, electric and wood fireplace inserts for more efficient heating without sacrificing the ambience of a wood burning fireplace. The fireplace inserts we offer include:

  • Lopi Freedom Flush Insert
  • FPX Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert
  • FPX 34DVL Gas Insert
  • FPX 616 Gas Insert
  • Avalon Radiant Plus Large Gas Insert
  • Kozy Heat Chaska 34 Gas Insert

Installation and Maintenance

While taking a “do it yourself” approach to fireplace insert installation is a possibility for some people, not everyone can go without our expertise. We offer full installation to take the stress off your shoulders. We will help you find the insert that works best for your home, then set up and install your insert. Whether you are using a gas, wood, or electric fireplace insert we will install it for maximum efficiency and safety. Not only do we offer full installation, we also provide repair services to keep your insert functioning correctly and safely.