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After shopping around, after going through all the styles and designs of fireplaces and stoves, after dealing with the disappointment and inefficiency of your electric furnace, let us take the stress off of your shoulders. We offer full installation for all of our products, so you can relax… hopefully in front of your new fireplace or mantel. If you’re not a “do it yourself” kind of person, that’s fine. We are fully qualified and experienced in the installation of all of our products. These include:

  • All fireplaces including gas, electric and wood
  • All fireplace inserts
  • All masonry heater
  • All outdoor fireplaces
  • All stoves including gas, electric and wood
  • All fireplace mantles and chimneys
  • All exterior and interior heating components

Honest Work at an Affordable Work

At Sackett’s Fireplace our motto is “Keeping friends warm and making warm friends.” Our goal is to keep you and your family safe and warm. Our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly in all of our installation work. We will give you an affordable and honest price on all the work we do for you. Don’t let home heating be a major source of stress in your daily life. Let us take the work off your shoulders so you can relax. We are here for you!